Keep kids active during the summer

“There’s nothing to do! I’m bored.” With school out for the summer, the nearly 4,000 students in New Prague Area Schools and parochial schools are looking for ways to fill their time.

After nine months of living a structured lifestyle - be in class at this time, eat lunch, go to recess, etc., the youngsters need to find ways to fill their time, and preferably, if you’re a parent, in a way that won’t drive mom and dad insane.

The first urge for many is to take it easy. sit around, eat snacks and watch something on TV or do some online gaming. Not only will this get old for many, but too much screen time can lead to bad habits that can be hard to break.

Kids need to be active and need to have their brains and imaginations stimulated.

The local library is an ideal place for children of all ages. A visit to the library can help children explore ideas and activities they are interested in. It will also help them maintain their reading skills so when they return to school they will be ready to go. Young readers can participate in the summer reading program where they can participate in activities and earn prizes.

There are plenty of summer recreation activities available in the area. Each household in the community should have received a summer recreation brochure that shows the many different classes and activities available for students interested in a variety of things, including sports, art, science and drama. If you don’t have one of these catalogs, they are available through the school district and also can be found online.

Here’s hoping that everyone has a fun, safe and productive summer.



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