Memories of dad

Patrick Fisher,

This Sunday will be Father’s Day, a time that dads of all types will be celebrating with their families. There’s what we consider the traditional family, a dad and a mom, there are the single dads out there who are raising a child by themselves. Others are dads by marriage, even though technically they may be a step father, in all ways that matter they are actually a dad. Some have taken a big step and adopted a child, who grows up calling them dad. Some are foster fathers, who are trying to help a child have some stability. Whether they are called father, dad, daddy or papa this world has many who are striving to raise their children as best they can. A little plaque my parents had that seems appropriate went, “There are two gifts we can hope to give our children, one is roots, the other is wings.”

For me, I will wish my friends and family a “Happy Father’s Day.” The day will also be one where I will have memories of my dad, Jim Fisher. Come July he will be gone for nine years. In many ways he did give me roots and wings. He taught me much about I don’t know how many things. He taught me about how when life is hard you continue on, about when it’s appropriate, you apologize for when you’re wrong, that even when things are serious there’s still room for laughter. That strength of spirit and character are much bigger things in life than physical strength.

There were things that I learned from him that I did for many years. Among them were camping and skiing. For both, make sure you have the right equipment, what gear you’re going to need if the weather is cold or warm. It’s been a few years since I’ve done either one, but it is something that I think I should get back into. So for everyone, have a happy Father’s Day



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