Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

Merry Christmas, or if you prefer to wrap up all the celebrations that happen at this time of year Happy Holidays. Either way I hope everyone finds something that they can enjoy or smile about no matter how they celebrate.

For me it will be a different season this year, but I will make the best of it. Whether I am with a small group of friends or not I hope to enjoy the holiday. One thing that will help will be memories.

Memories of going to relatives houses on Christmas Eve or having them at my family’s house. Memories of exchanging gifts, getting toys or coupons to the local McDonalds or Dairy Queen. More often than not the coupons went toward ice cream, shakes or pop. The toys lasted longer and depending on what they were, they were played with throughout the entire year. There were the times when we asked and asked if we could play with the toy that night. Sometimes we could, other times we had to wait until we went home. If it was a toy or game with lots of pieces we had to wait so we wouldn’t lose the pieces.

Usually before the toys there was some type of feast. Sometimes there was just turkey or a ham. If it was potluck, there would be both. There would be all types of sides, potatoes in various forms from mashed to riced to au gratin to every so often baked, vegetables served as is or as a casserole, plus rolls or bread. I was a fan of the cloverleaf rolls that someone in my family either made or bought. There were all types of desserts and treats. My mom would make cookies that had the chocolate stars or Hershey’s kisses. My grandmothers also made those types, but also some ginger snaps or other types. There would also be the TV or radio playing a Christmas service or music.

However you decide to spend this holiday, the staff of The New Prague Times wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



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