OK, what’s next?

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

There are some weeks, sometimes one day after another, where the phrase, “OK, what’s next?” seems vastly appropriate.
Let’s face it, nearly all of us are busy at work, at home or both. For my family and friends they cross a wide spectrum in what is going on in their lives. There are those couples who are expecting, for one couple they surprised a few people on social media with the announcement they are having twins. Others are caring for newborns, others have toddlers, plus an older child, while going back to college or finishing up their higher education. Others have their one or all of their children out of the house or the last child is in college and they are easing into the empty nest aspect. Other friends are just starting the next chapter in their lives with an engagement or planning for a wedding.
Then there’s work and everything that comes with it. Some I know are just beginning their first job, so there’s the excitement that they are beginning a career. Others are having second thoughts about what they are doing in life. And a few are looking forward to leaving a job to try a different career. A few are leaving by way of retirement and hope to spend a little time relaxing before they decide what to do next with their free time.
For me, “OK, what’s next?” more often than not refers to what is the next event I’m covering, what meeting will I be attending, who am I meeting to discuss a story, where am I going to get photos or what is the next article I have to write up. Sometimes I’m covering one activity and get a lead for another upcoming community happening or set up a meeting.
We all have another event that we want or need to attend. Hopefully we have enough time to do as many as them as we can.



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