One down, one to go

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

A week ago on Wednesday, April 21, I went to Le Center to get my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. It went well and the only side effect I had was that my shoulder was a bit sore for a day where I received the inoculation.

About the only problem I had was that I have’t been to Le Center very much so I made a wrong turn, or two, trying to find the location. Once there I was in line, filled out a form of brief questions, back in line and then received the shot and waited for 10-15 minutes to make sure there no light headedness, similar for those who give blood and have to wait for 15 minutes.

Over the weeks I’ve talked to people who are fully inoculated and I have family and friends on social media who have mentioned they went in for their first or second shot. I also have talked with others who don’t plan to get any doses or are going to wait. I understand their reasons, that it came out so quickly, and that is their choice. As for me I feel that if we are going to get over the need for masks, socially distancing and get life closer to normal it’s going to require people to receive doses. So far only one of the three vaccinations, Johnson & Johnson, has reported any real ill effects.

Like anything in life it’s going to take time for us to get back to what we had before. Recently the CDC eased guidelines for people wearing masks outside. If we’re lucky we’ll see more restrictions ease as we get further into the warm weather of summer. So here’s hoping that by the end of the year we may be able to gather together for the holidays with our families.



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