One season winds down, another starts

Patrick Fisher,

The fall season is winding down and we recently had a taste of winter. Most of the trees have lost their leaves and for a brief time last week the temperatures dropped enough for us to have snow on the ground. For some people this is the time to start the annual grumble against winter. I’m usually not one of those as I realize that it is November and our climate tends to snow and cold temperatures.

I may change my tune when it comes to sub-zero temperatures later this season, but it depends on how long we’ve had to endure it. A day or two and I may not grumble too much. An entire week or more then yeah I’ll likely be tired of going brr and stepping outside and feeling icy winds hit me in the face. That is still some time away so I’m doing fine. When it hit 30 degrees last weekend I mentioned how I would have to start wearing layers. One friend reminded me that each year we bundle up in November, but come March when it starts to get to be 30+ degrees there will be some of us who will break out the sandals and short pants.

Another turn in seasons is from fall to winter sports. Let me congratulate the Trojan volleyball team on making their first state appearance in 20 years. I was at that last one and it was an amazing experience. Congratulations also to New Prague High School’s swimmers and divers who are going to state. The hard work of all athletes resulting in a state appearance is one of those highlights that stay with them over the years. From all of us at The Times congratulations and good luck.



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