One year of a pandemic

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

This month marks one year that the world has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been changes in that year that has affected all of our lives from work to school to how we spend our free time. Thankfully there are now several vaccines that are helping us get back to more of a sense of normal.
Among the changes are how we deal with sports. Things are better than one year ago when a lot of sports were cancelled, some right in the middle of their sub-section or tournament play. One change we’ve seen in the last year is there are fewer people cheering on the teams. The changes have also affected how long a game is played. Recently I was at a Trojan girls basketball game and it was one of the quickest games I’ve seen. Usually, I’m used to a game being 90 minutes to two hours. This one was about 75 minutes, give or take some minutes.
Another change over the last year has been the creation of “bubbles” where families, friends even sports teams have limited their contacts to only certain people to keep the chances of contracting the virus to a minimum. Some have done this so they can still have a few people to interact with. Others have used it so they can have a limited gathering around one or more of the holidays over the last year.
I have several friends who are looking forward to when we can get together in larger groups. Some want to get together with people in person and not through social media or an online server. Others want to have a BBQ or big dinner to celebrate.
Frankly, I’m looking forward to something like that, although we have to remember while the finish line looks close, we’re not quite there. So stay safe everyone and stay healthy.



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