Preparing for round two

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

In about a week’s time, weather permitting, the second phase of work on New Prague’s Main Street will begin. This will be a spring and summer of reconstructing the street and replacing infrastructure underneath the street.
For me it affects not only where I work at The New Prague Times’ office, but also where I live. It’s no great secret that I live within walking distance of The Times’ office. There’s been jokes ranging from I may have to walk around the block to get around construction to using a zip line to get across the street.
I do expect to deal with some mud, which is why I’m glad I have some hiking boots. If you grew up doing any hiking you might remember how hiking boots provide a better grip in mud and muck. I did my fair share as I was in Boy Scouts and hiking boots were much better than tennis shoes when out in the woods. My family also went on several camp outs, although we sometimes brought along two pair of shoes, tennis shoes and hiking boots. The boots were for any walks on trails, the shoes were in case we went into town to check out the local attractions.
I’m just hoping the mud won’t be the type that really clings to the boots. I had that experience on a Boy Scout trip out to North Dakota. We hiked in on a dry day, slept on a bluff during a rain storm and then hiked out the next day down muddy trails where the mud was at times slippery and other times clung so much to our boots that it seemed we had an inch or more of mud around the boots.



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