So much is happening

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times

There is a lot happening in New Prague, our state and everywhere else. A person needs only to look at the front page to see things that have happened and that are coming up this weekend.

The continuing street work has resulted in the uncovering of old steam lines that are covered in asbestos, which is leading to them being disposed of safely. The first time I did a story about steam lines was back when the city was reconstructing First Avenue SE next to The New Prague Times office. At that time, crews came in white safety suits and wrapped the pipes up in a white material, loaded them up and carried them away on a trailer. It was also when I found out the city used steam to heat homes.

Two upcoming events this weekend are New Prague High School’s Prom and the Pioneer Power Swap Meet. Prom has created some memories, the first time I covered it at the high school was in 2000. Like many years, the Grand March was in the gym. The main decoration was a large three dimensional 2000 that prom goers and their dates would walk by and pause in front of for photos. The swap meet has been one that some years I attend to take photos and sometimes see something of interest that I would like to buy, if I wasn’t on a budget.

This week also saw the passing of Walter Mondale, who had many roles in public life. He was a senator, a vice-president, an ambassador, plus he was a veteran of the Korean war. I knew him more from his time as a vice-president and his running against President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Whether you agreed with his politics or not, he showed that someone from small town Minnesota can go far in this world.



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