Some still waiting for spring

Patrick Fisher,

Are we sure that the month of April knows that April Fools Day has come and gone? I think most people will understand that reference since this April has been quite cold this year. We did hit the mid 50s and even got into the 60s for just a bit, although it was very brief. I’ll admit I didn’t mind the warmer temperatures, but I also wasn’t surprised when the temperatures dropped into the 40s and the 30s.

I’ve heard more than one person say it felt more like November rather than April. Others have been wondering when spring is finally going to get here. Hopefully we’ll have more spring like weather this coming weekend, when it’s forecasted to reach 57 degrees or warmer. I’ll admit that will be nice. At the least I’m hoping we won’t have as many cold blustery days like we did on Monday. The wind just made it harder to walk from store to store.

At least the snow fall we’ve had has been small and only sticks around for a day or less. For my family who live 300 miles north of here they had more of a full fledged snowstorm. My brother texted me a photo of his car completely encrusted with snow as the storm started with wet snow, then the temperature dropped more and the wind blew a little harder.

For me, while I prefer April rain more than snow and warmer temperatures, I grew up with April being an unpredictable month. There was more than one year where my family headed to Easter Sunday services in winter jackets and snow boots. There was even one year where my dad had a photo published in the local newspaper of an Easter Bunny someone had carved out of snow.

I’m just hoping that we’ll see warmer weather and April will go out like a lamb. Yes, I know that’s March, but this year it feels like we may be a month behind when it comes to the weather.



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