Sometimes you have to put things aside

Patrick Fisher,

I think many of us sometimes feel we have the weight of our own part of the world on our shoulders. For some of us it’s at work, whether you’re a manager of a certain department, or you own a business and are dealing with the issues of having to get supplies or products to sell. Others have to deal with being parents and trying to find something to keep the children interested in, besides what’s on TV or the internet, for the next few months of summer vacation. There’s also many other things to deal with such as prices for, it seems, everything, plus the news of what’s happening in the world and lots of people trying to tell us they have the solutions. (More often then not they don’t.) It’s no wonder many people are in bad moods or just depressed.

There are times when we just have to put those things aside or at least admit we can’t control everything in our lives. I know there are those who say a person needs to control everything in their lives. I’ve never been one of those. I can try to control some aspects. If most of the news seems to be bad, turn off the TV or mute it until it comes to the weather and the sports. I’m not advocating that a person completely tune out about what’s happening, but just catch one of the news programs, instead of every single one at 5, 5:30, 6 and 10 p.m. When commuting find some music to listen to or an audio book or, if carpooling, chat with the person about what happened or something they are looking forward to when they get home.

I know those are pretty simple answers, but sometimes it helps to keep it simple and just take a moment to breathe, remember the good things we have in our lives.



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