Speak up!

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

This Tuesday, Feb. 18, New Prague area residents can provide input into what ambulance service will provide aid to the community and the region around town. This time of public comment will be held at New Prague City Hall at 6 p.m. Another option for those who wish to be heard, you can send comments to City Hall by way of emails or letters.
The council decided at its Monday, Feb. 3, meeting to request public comment on the issue. It will help decide whether the city should remain with North Memorial Health’s ambulance service or go with Mayo Clinic Health System in New Prague.
Speaking up is an aspect of our government. Making sure that the people have a say in what should be decided is something that has been part of the United States since it’s founding. Whether it’s something local, such as our ambulance service, or national, such as votes for an election or an amendment. Making sure we have a voice in matters is an aspect of our society that we need to continue to have.
We can lose that voice. Some people have already abdicated their right to speak up either through apathy or the belief that one voice can’t make a difference. Perhaps, but our history has examples of one voice inspiring another. Two voices that have influenced people through the ages are George Washington and Susan B. Anthony. One voice can inspire another, then it’s four, followed by eight, next is 16 and so on. Soon that one voice is a chorus of voices, then a multitude that only those who are truly ignorant turn a deaf ear to.
We must not silence ourselves with beliefs that we can not make a difference or fear of what others may think. If we do that, others may decide that we don’t need to speak up.



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