Spring, here we go again?

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

Last year around this time we were hit by a spring snowstorm that took many people by surprise. As I write this, there’s a possibility of a repeat this week of that type of weather. Or maybe not. When it comes to weather in Minnesota I’m usually of the mindset I’ll wait and see what happens.

Anyone who hasn’t seen the weather forecasts there’s a possibility of a mixture of rain and snow beginning Wednesday through Friday. Then it’s supposed to warm up by Saturday and Sunday. You’ll notice that I use the words forecast, possibility and supposed to, for me a typical Minnesotan thing to do when it comes to weather, hedge your bets. Due to my personal experience with April weather in this state, whether we get snow, rain or a mixture I’m going to go with a time honored reaction that can best be described in the modern word of “meh.” Unless we see glaciers on the horizon, then I’ll be surprised.

Some may worry that I’m making too light of the situation. I’ll admit I am at this point, because weather has a tendency of changing a lot in a short amount of time. If we do get an April snowstorm like last year then I suggest people take the appropriate actions of being cautious. To me, that’s one thing some people forgot about this winter. The majority of the season around the Twin Cities metro area was pretty mild, until February hit, then winter tried to make up for it and some people thought they could continue with business as usual. We saw what happened around the Mankato area and even closer to us when some people tried that. Stuck cars, stranded motorists, hotels filled up and churches and schools opening up for the overflow of people.

So, whatever the weather decides to do in the next few days I’ll respond accordingly. Whether it’s rain boots or a winter jacket. But, if we do get enough snow, maybe someone will want to build a snow Easter Bunny, it’s been done before.

Easter Speaking of that holiday, it’s about one week away. For me Easter was and still is about family. For those who grew up in large extended families, you know that most of the holidays are about getting together with family. Easter Sunday was about getting up early, searching for Easter baskets filled with candy, a small toy such as the little Star Wars action figures with a light saber and/or a book. Then it was dress up and head to church, which was packed with people. Usually it was back home for a little breakfast and then get together with family for ham and all the trimmings. Sometimes everyone gathered at my parents’ house. If the weather was especially nice all the kids were encouraged to go outside and burn off as much energy as possible.

No matter how you spend this Easter, may it be an enjoyable and blessed one.



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