Student activities are a vital part of school success

Chuck Kajer, The New Prague Times

A special section in this week’s edition of The New Prague Times focuses on the many activities that are available for students at New Prague High School.

In the early 1990s, we started doing special sections on each of the three high school sports seasons, and they have proven to be a popular feature each fall, winter and spring. But after a couple of years we realized that we were leaving out the many arts activities that NPHS students participate in. We started out with a “Fine Arts” Section dedicated to the school plays, choir, band and other arts activities. Later, we added the different clubs that are available for students and renamed it the Arts and Activities section.

Each of these organizations serve to help the students to grow, to develop skills, to develop confidence and to help them become better students and better people. New clubs seem to pop up every year or two. Over the past few years, we’ve seen PROUD, a group that works to stop bullying and help students build self esteem; the Gay Straight Alliance, which supports students and provides education about LGBTQ lifestyles, and the Faith Club, a student-run organization that supports those who want to strengthen their Christian faith.

There are also many of the traditional clubs, such as Student Council, the National Honor Society, the school newspaper and school yearbook, German and Spanish Clubs and more.

These groups provide opportunities for students to serve the community, provide leadership training and develop skills that they will utilize throughout their lives.

We salute the students - and their advisors - who take part in the myriad of activities offered at New Prague High School.



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