Too much to hope for?

Chuck Kajer, The New Prague Times

With more than 20 Democrats vieing for the party’s presidential nomination, the 2020 presidential race is already getting plenty of press. While there are a few front-runners, there is no clear-cut favorite and it’s anyone’s guess who will, a year from now, be the party’s nominee.

Regardless, we’d like to offer a few suggestions for both parties in how to stage an honest - issues-based campaign where voters vote FOR a candidate, rather than vote AGAINST one.

1 - Stick to the issues - Americans are allowed to have differing opinions on the issues, whether it is the economy, taxes, agricultural policy, military spending, immigration issues or any other issue. Present your issues and tell voters why you support them. Give us a reason to support you.

2 - No name calling - The 2016 election saw plenty of name calling on both sides, (Crooked Hilary, Deplorables, etc.) and unfortunately, we seem to be heading that way again in 2020. It’s important to remember that we are electing the supposed “leader of the free world,” and not a middle school class president.

3 - Show us the money - Unfortunately, politics always seems to be about money. Let’s see where your money comes from, whether it comes from hundreds of small donors across the country or a large special interest Political Action Committee.

4 - Encourage people to vote - Elections are supposed to reflect the will of the people. While Minnesotans allow people to register at the polls, other states are more restrictive and some people find their names removed from the voting rolls for no logical reason. Also, some areas make it difficult for people to get to the polls and, once they get there, ballots are designed in a confusing way.

We’ve got less than 16 months remaining until election day. Perhaps its naive to hope for, but wouldn’t it be nice if the election system worked as our forefathers hoped it would.



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