A well-oiled machine

Chuck Kajer, The New Prague Times
Those who have been reading my columns in the paper know that my life has been turned a bit upside down over the past few months, between moving and then having two funerals all within a six-week span.
As these, and other life’s incidents have taken more of my time than usual, my time in the office was sometimes limited.
I’m used to people seeing me at meetings or other events and asking if I ever get time off from work. This job is not a typical 9-to-5 job and I’m used to having to interrupt my weekend routine or take off late at night to cover news as it is happening. I’ve been blessed with an understanding wife and family, and I’ve also been blessed with co-workers who have been able to step up when I’m not able to cover things.
For the past 19 years Patrick Fisher has been around to cover his share - and sometimes more than his share - of weekend and evening events in town. He puts in plenty of time and effort in getting photos and stories for the paper, putting them online and helping keep the community informed. I’ve worked with Patrick for 16 of those years and appreciate all the time he’s put in.
Over the past few months, Patrick has done more than his share, filling in for me when I had to take time away to be with my family, taking photos at sporting events, attending more meetings and events than usual and picking up the load that I dumped on him, sometimes with little or no notice.
And it’s not just Patrick. The rest of the Suel Printing Company staff, including Mark and Deidra in advertising, Dennis, Donna, Jen and Linda in production, Wade, Jay and Lisa in our Montgomery and Waterville offices and all the other Suel Printing employees have been understanding and have helped in many ways during the past few months.
I work with some great people, and that’s not by accident. It all starts with Chuck and Art Wann and their family members who run the newspaper. They have been very supportive and understanding during the past few months, going back to a family medical emergency in February. I’m not sure how I would have been able handle all that has happened the last few months without their support.
That said, I’m hopeful that the coming months will see me and this paper get back to a more normal routine. I know that life is always out there throwing curveballs, but I’m confident that I can handle anything that comes my way. And if I have any trouble, I know I’ve got great people who have my back.



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